The Creative Championship

Valiant FC

Born in 2017, Valiant FC is a Lagos-based Nigerian Nationwide League Football club born of passionate football enthusiasts. The club, also known as ‘The Gallant Warriors,’ is one that sets its tenets on nobility, discipline and fearlessness.  The aim is to keep giving opportunities to hungry, brave and audacious footballers who need a platform to show the world their mettle.

They play their home matches at the Soccer Temple in Agege. Valiant FC are owned and chaired by the wily and young Japheth Zubairu, a sportsman at heart. It is unsurprising they ooze a joie de vivre that serenades the organization when they step on the pitch. Adventurous, Coordinated and Effortless are but words that describe this organization, and they remain your team to watch in the Creative Championships.


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