The Creative Championship


Imperial FC vs Iganmu FC

20th November, 2020

Imperial FC vs Iganmu FC

Friday 20th November, 2020

Venue: Remo Stars Stadium

Full-time: Imperial 0 - Iganmu 0

The second game of MatchDay 1 in The Creative Championship (TCC) featured two football teams happy to be playing football again after the long hiatus, no thanks to the pandemic.


In blue, Imperial FC, as the home side, locked horns with Iganmu FC in their first TCC game of the season.


Being one of the most important games of the season, as per season opener, both sides created chances upon chances as each side tried to draw first blood. Regardless of how hard the Iganmu Lions tried to break down the defense of their host, they always met a tough resistance.


The same can be said by the defense of the away side too.


Goalkeeper Ubong Richard Monday, between the sticks for Iganmu, thwarted all that his opponents threw at him. The game would go on to end goalless at the half-time.


When referee Aloysius Emma blew the whistle for the second half, 28-year old Iganmu manager, Muritala Memud tried to push his side to go for the kill. But they would meet the same sturdy opposition they met in the first half.


As they chased the game, they usually found themselves exposed to threats from big chances created by Imperial FC. But for Ubong, they would have returned home empty-handed. With both sides unable to break the deadlock, the first TCC meeting between both sides ended in a goalless draw. As the star performer of the game, Ubong went home with the Man of the Match award.


With a long season still ahead, both sides still have plenty to do if they’re to assert their dominance in the league.