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Broad City FC 0 - 1 Dannaz FC

21st May, 2024

Broad City Draw Blanks Again, Lose Back-to-back Games

Dannaz picked up another away win as they knocked Broad City over.

Despite being the away side, Coach Michael’s side came into the clash the better side. They however spent the 20 minutes of the game wasting chances and showing a lack of composure.

They would however get their feet and score the first of the game as Woleola Sheriff opened his account.

Broad City, on other hand, struggled to put anything together going forward. Their struggle in front of goal was evident as they labored to give the Dannaz defense anything to worry about. They would go on to end the game without a goal – a second successive one without scoring.

This result means the hosts have knocked off the keenly-contested fourth spot. It may be worrying times for Broad City. But it’s the opposite for Dannaz whose stock seem to be on the rise.


Woleola Sheriff (Dannaz)

Not your regular scorer, Woleola has a knack for turning up in major games. And he didn’t sit this one out.