The Creative Championship


Emmydinho vs Valiant FC

9th April, 2021


Emmydinho vs Valiant FC

Friday 9th April 2021

Kick off: 2pm

Venue: Agege Stadium


Match Officials

Center Ref: Jokogbola Olanshile

AR1: Ojeleye J.T

AR2: Shorunke Segun

RR: Andu Abdul’Gafar

RA: Ajide


Halfway through the season, this was a game between two sides in opposite directions, with Valiant seemingly set for a title win, and Emmydinho endangered by their own rudderlessness. However, football is one hell of a sport and this is now a bottom half slugfest.


Valiant have tumbled like a pack of cards poked in its front, while Emmydinho have crawled and are still yet to reach double figures. However, remember that thing about everyone eating breakfast? Emmydinho will hold on to it tight. 


Emmydinho are now three games without a win, losing each one, and would hope that breakfast is served in this Game week. 


Valiant snapped a three game winless streak of theirs in GW11, and with fixtures taking place amongst the top4, they could yet reclaim a place where they belong. Time for lunch perhaps? 



Emmydinho: DWLLL

Valiant: WDLLW



Valiant have averaged a point per game in the second stanza of TCC20, compared to two points per game in the first stanza. Decline



Lukman Ibrahim (Valiant)

The top scorer is a sniper. Make no mistakes, Valiant’s slump has coincided with opponents devising multiple strategies to cage him. Never write him off.