The Creative Championship


Broad City vs. Dannaz

1st March, 2022

Broad City vs. Dannaz

Tuesday, 2nd March, 2022

Time: 3PM

Venue: Legacy Pitch, National Stadium


Broad City play host to Dannaz in their MatchWeek 12 TCC League encounter.


The hosts will be looking to catch the downward spiral as they welcome a team aiming for the top zone of the league. For Coach Kazeem, not conceding the first goal will be of priority in this game, as that has been the trend for a while now.


Second priority will be to get the goals that have evaded them for a while now. With only two goals in their last five, they’re now ninth on the table.


For the visitors, the reverse is the case, as they have only failed to score in one of their last four games. Pushing for the top, they will be hoping for three extra points to compliment what has been a good enough start to life in The Creative Championship league.



Broad City: DLDL

Dannaz: WLWD



2 – Broad City have only scored two goals in their last five games. 



Savio Idezi (Dannaz)

Man of the Match from their last game, Savio is the man to watch, against a Broad City side that has conceded 10 goals in their last three.