The Creative Championship


Iganmu vs Dannaz

5th December, 2023

Iganmu vs Dannaz 

Date: Wednesday, 6th December

Time: 9AM

Onikan Stadium

The Tiger are still in search of their first league win, and the worry is greatly increasing. There have been good moments and bright spots, but that is as good as it as gotten for the home side. They have blown quite a number of one-goal leads this season, and now, there is cause to pause. Only if they could carry their one Cup win to the league. 

If you thought Iganmu have it bad, spare a thought for Dannaz who have had it just as terrible. The Cedars now jointly hold the record for the longest winless runs in TCC history. As they have yet to win in the Cup too, they’re in a worrisome situation. Cedars are noted for their strengths, Dannaz have shown they lack such. 


3 – The points tally of both teams combined. The worst of two teams in the basement places through 8 matches in TCC history.


Joshua Obakimi (Dannaz)

His name literally translates to Joshua whom the king backs. It is his teammates who need his backing in this fixture.